Monday, January 25, 2010

Princess and The Pea

Well here we are...Blog number one! Long on the to-do list and it wasn't that hard!
I have been so busy it is nice to now have a place to vent, but most importantly to be creative! Christmas has been insane for Amelie's Room and I am a little blown away!
The new collection is ready, photo shoot complete thank you to the lovely team at Tea & Jam, and we are ready to launch!
The photos are ama
zing despite the rain, and despite the fact one of our models woke up on the morning of the photo shoot with a Black Eye! What a trooper you are Paris!
It's funny, sometimes I feel like all I do is work and have nothing to show for it.. but a picture definitely does say a thousand words.. and I feel like this photo shoot is my book- my story, I hope you enjoy it...


  1. Wow your great! The photos are gorgeous!! Im going to have to clean up my blog site and actually start blogging have inspired me! xoxox

  2. taylor, love the photos and the theme! you have done really well and i want everything in your store!!! lets catch up soon, when you have some time :)

  3. gorgeous photo's and you have a beautiful online shop. My daughter is an Amelie too :)