Friday, August 27, 2010


Thank you Bron at Baby Space for the mention on your blog! Nice to see someone else take photos and blog when we seem to never get around to it! We are hopeless we know! We do have a warehouse full of new and exciting stock and we are slowly making our way uploading it to the site!

We had a great day at the markets- as an online business it is always so lovely to put a face to all our dedicated customers! xx

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For years I wrote my own blog in my head.. I have always had this strange infatuation with documenting my thoughts, so I would write letters with such depth and detail to anyone who would listen. Back then, I was a backpacker in the days of snail mail and there was something so gratifying about carrying my faded leather moleskin with letters spilling out of the back pocket. I even wrote a book (well 10 chapters) about the homeless characters I befriended- "Sydney's slums" if you could call it that!.

Well what I am trying to say is that I always thought a blog would be my "thing", but what was meant to be a daily blog has turned into monthly (just!). Excuses, excuses, a broken vacuum that gives my ankles shocks, a baby that destroys everything I own, visiting overseas relatives and a business that eats up all the hours in my day.Those are good excuses, but truthfully, I just can't seem to focus at the moment, my mind is so scattered, I can't keep a thought in a straight line. I zigzag, I Internet surf, I channel hop.

Really all I want to be doing is re-upholstering my new purchases. So I thought I would share them with you for a little bit of eye candy- goodness this blog needs it!

Once a month, I have my 2 free hours where I go to my favourite local market in Coledale and my favourite shop.. here are some of my recent purchases...

Promise to be back soon!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New in store- Olive's Friend Pop

We adore everything about this brand. Really- even the name is cute! Inspired by post war designs when little girls dressed like little girls, the rich fabrics including tweeds and velvets are so pretty! So exciting to be able to bring you this brand!

Their debut collection is a must for this winter.

In the shop now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Collection in the Rock Pools...

Well, one month into launching our new collection and we are nearly sold out of some styles! Although this is surely every designer's dream.. I am feeling a little stressed watching every blanket leave the warehouse! As my blankets leave to find lovely new homes across Australia- I kind of miss them. And I feel a little stressed at having to do it all over again- PRODUCTION!

I have to say I really am surprisingly overwhelmed at the response. I haven't even done a press release yet, nor managed to finalise our catalogue.

We also have a lovely new stockist in Daylesford- we will be sure to tell you where when she opens her new shop. Very exciting, as I always imagine Daylesford is my kind of place and everyone in my town kids that I am trying to turn our little town into Daylesford!

Well as I try to catch a few last rays of summer the next collection has already begun. But maybe before I start I might spend a few more days at this place- my lovely new local. We had a lovely weekend dipping our toes in the rockpools.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh we love this store!

How sweet is Anna to write this about us on her blog! She has the loveliest things in her shop and one day when I make it over to Perth- she is my first stop!

New Collection selling well.. just spent my life savings on more fabrics today- starting to design another collection! It is so lovely to be creative again. I am really trying to find the time to do the things I love- the business keeps me so busy packing orders and doing office stuff - I really need to make more time for me! Satie's baby clothes quilt is coming along well and I even made a stuffed toy! Goodness knows how in this heat!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

winter wonderland of tulle

So, this weather is getting me down.. is it summer? Is it winter? I moved to Sydney all those years ago (15?) for the hot sticky summers but somehow it is getting colder and colder and I find myself wishing I was back in the snow, dreaming of too many splashes of maple syrup on everything I eat!

So on grey days like this, Boo and I find ourselves snuggled onto the sofa watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks or the Wizard of Oz (flavour of the week) whilst i cuddle up to my sewing basket trying to keep up with the orders for tulle flower skirts..

It is a winter wonderland of tulle here for me ...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Princess and The Pea

Well here we are...Blog number one! Long on the to-do list and it wasn't that hard!
I have been so busy it is nice to now have a place to vent, but most importantly to be creative! Christmas has been insane for Amelie's Room and I am a little blown away!
The new collection is ready, photo shoot complete thank you to the lovely team at Tea & Jam, and we are ready to launch!
The photos are ama
zing despite the rain, and despite the fact one of our models woke up on the morning of the photo shoot with a Black Eye! What a trooper you are Paris!
It's funny, sometimes I feel like all I do is work and have nothing to show for it.. but a picture definitely does say a thousand words.. and I feel like this photo shoot is my book- my story, I hope you enjoy it...