Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Collection in the Rock Pools...

Well, one month into launching our new collection and we are nearly sold out of some styles! Although this is surely every designer's dream.. I am feeling a little stressed watching every blanket leave the warehouse! As my blankets leave to find lovely new homes across Australia- I kind of miss them. And I feel a little stressed at having to do it all over again- PRODUCTION!

I have to say I really am surprisingly overwhelmed at the response. I haven't even done a press release yet, nor managed to finalise our catalogue.

We also have a lovely new stockist in Daylesford- we will be sure to tell you where when she opens her new shop. Very exciting, as I always imagine Daylesford is my kind of place and everyone in my town kids that I am trying to turn our little town into Daylesford!

Well as I try to catch a few last rays of summer the next collection has already begun. But maybe before I start I might spend a few more days at this place- my lovely new local. We had a lovely weekend dipping our toes in the rockpools.

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